Panel PC
Panel PC

Aggressively priced panel PCs with screen sizes from 5.7" to 17". Ready to work with your Windows, Linux or Android solution.

Industrial PC
Industrial PC

Robust, fanless and all the ports you need. Choose the perfect configuration from our broad range of industrial PCs. From only €139.

Thin Client
Thin Client

Secure, easy to maintain and low cost: The ideal clients to connect to your servers.

Thinstuff - eLux

Buy Thinstuff client-server software solutions from Epatec, the authorized distributor. Get to know the advanced eLux operating system for our thin clients.

Panel PC

Visualize, manage and control.

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Panel PC: The best solution to control your machines

• Available in different screen sizes: 5.7", 9", 10.4", 15" and 17".

• Flexible configuration options: choose CPU, RAM size and SSD/HDD capacity.

• Multiple ports: Up to 2 LAN, 4 USB and 2 RS232/485 or 7 RS232.

• Resistive touch screen can be used with gloves.

• Waterproof front panel (IP65).

• Tough metal casing.

• Compatible with Windows XP/7/10 and Ubuntu.

Industrial PC

Stay in control. Always.

Industrial PC

• Choose from compact, energy and cost saving systems to powerful Intel i7 CPU.

• Multiple ports: Up to 2 LAN, 3 monitors, 8 USB, 8 RS232/422/485 and parallel ports.

• Rugged metal casing with IP40 rating.

• Multiple mounting options: Wall, desk, VESA or DIN rail.

• Power input from 9V to 36V DC to use your existing power supplies.

• WLAN and 3G/4G options available.

• Fanless without moving parts.

• Wide temperature range available.

• Suitable for uninterrupted operation (24/7/365).

Thin Clients

Stop malware and ransomware.


• Compatible with all your server infrastructure: Windows Server, vmware, Citrix and more.

• Use with operating system eLux for extra safety against virus and malware

• Silent operation

• Extra low power consumption: Good for the environment, good for your budget

• Fanless without moving parts

• Powerful, centralized management software


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Client/Server Software

 More features. Lower cost. 

Thinstuff XP/VS Terminal Server for Windows

Installing XP/VS Server allows an unlimited number of users to remotely access all their Windows Desktops and Applications simultaneously.

Because compatible Remote Desktop Connection client software is already preinstalled on most devices and operating systems, seamless integration into existing networks without any hardware or software changes is assured.

Thinstuff XP/VS Server fully featured evaluation version.

Download the software and test it for 14 days!

TSX Scan

With TSX Scan an application on the server can directly scan from any client attached scanner over the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Compatible with all Windows versions from XP to Server 2016.


• A "driver-less" solution for scanner redirection over Remote Desktop connections

• Uses highly efficient compression for transmitting scan jobs over the network

• Supports the full TWAIN 2.0 standard

• Multi-user support: Multiple users can scan concurrently

• Supports the standard Windows Remote Desktop Connection client

• Works with Microsoft Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services and Thinstuff XP/VS Server

• Can be used in any virtual environment: XEN Desktop, VMWARE View, Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Microsoft Virtual PC, Windows 7 XP Mode, Virtual Box etc.

• Support for any client attached TWAIN or WIA enabled devices like e.g. scanners, webcams, digital cameras etc.

TSX Scan fully featured evaluation version.

Download the software and test it for 14 days!

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Thin Client Operating System eLux RP

eLux®RP is a hardware-independent operating system designed for cloud-computing environments. It can be run on common PCs and Thin Clients.

eLux is the perfect operating system for cloud computing access devices and supports server-access through the integrated Citrix Receiver (HDX) as well as through PCoIP by VMWare and Remote Desktop by Microsoft.

Use the advanced features of eLux RP with our powerful and cost efficient hardware: Thin Client C800 and Industrial PC 5.

eLux RP fully  featured evaluation version

Download the software and test it for free!

Scout Enterprise Management Suite for eLux

Scout Enterprise Management Suite® is the easy and intuitive to use management solution for Thin Clients and PCs working with the operating system eLux®.

Scout includes the Elias utility to create a specific eLux software image for the thin clients and PCs of your company. All with an easy to use interface and without special knowledge of Linux.

Comprehensive asset management tool for thin clients and PCs

Scout enables administrators to always keep track of all thin clients, used licenses, and USB peripherals of the clients.

Clients can be started and shut down remotely. Scout Enterprise provides a “multi-administrator-policy” which allows more than one administrator to manage a thin client infrastructure. Administrators are supported by various help desk features, can use the provided diagnostic tools or mirror user desktops.

High scalability

Scout Enterprise is highly scalable and can be designed and installed for high-availability. Administrators may be assigned different access rights that can be tailored to their specific needs and particular fields of responsibility. Scout Enterprise is the perfect management software for cloud computing solutions in combination with thin clients or common PCs.

Dashboard: Managing Thin Clients centrally via Web

Administrators can use a web-based management console for client management, update, mirroring and much more.

Scout Enterprise Dashboard applies the access rights defined in the Scout Enterprise console and allows the administrator to analyze data on his clients, perform commands and helpdesk features.

You only need to install Scout Enterprise Dashboard once per Scout Enterprise server, and then use it from anywhere. All you need is a browser such as Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer or Chrome.

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Scout Enterprise fully featured evaluation version

Download the software and test it with up to 5 Thin Clients!

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